Cisco PIX firewalls, as every other Cisco device, let you insert the password for the enable mode and telnet access directly in their encrypted form using the commands:

- enable password **************** encrypted
- passwd **************** encrypted

where the string **************** is the encrypted form of a known cleartext password.

This program produces the encrypted form of PIX passwords without the need to access the device.
Networks and security administrators can use it to write authentication informations in the firewall's configuration files completely off-line.


Cisco PIX Firewall password calculator for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP


WARNING !!! The encryption algorithm used by PIX firewalls to encrypt these passwords is very fast (too fast) so an off-line password guessing attack against them could be very effective. You are encouraged to keep PIX configuration files absolutely private.

You can find details about this kind of encryption in the topics area
The program Cain & Abel in the projects area can give you an idea about the keyrate reached in this attacks.

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