1 oxid.it is NOT a warez site
There are no illegal applications here.
2 oxid.it is NOT a crackers site
There are no cracks or key-generators for commercial software here.
Please DON'T ask me to crack passwords or programs for you, all such mails will be ignored !
3 oxid.it programs are freeware
Please don't ask for registered version of the programs on this site !
4 oxid.it is not a virii site
Antivirus vendors could have signatures for some of the programs on this site. Cain & Abel v2.0 for example has been classified as a low-risk trojan virus even if the program's features are all documented in the manual.rtf file and Abel (the server component) is completely visible (the blue icon in the system tray). I can assure to you that there are no viruses or hidden features in the programs from my site. Cain & Abel v2.0 does not infect files, it does not send your passwords over the Internet or anything like that....

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